General Education

General education courses are not narrowly focused nor are they directed toward a specific occupation or profession. Undergraduate program of California Central University includes 45 semester hours, with at least 3 semester hours, in each of the humanities/fine arts, behavioral/social sciences, and natural science/math. 


1. Humanities/Fine arts 15 units

GD100 Introduction to Linguistics (3)

GD101 English Ⅰ (3)

GD104 Humanities (3)

GD201 English II (3)

GD240 Introduction to Psychology (3)

2. Behavioral/Social sciences 15 units

GD110 Introduction to Philosophy (3)

GD121 American History (3)

GD220 Introduction to Education (3)

GD230 Introduction to Logics (3)

GD381 American Politics (3)

3. Natural science/Math 15 units

GD231 Mathematics (3)

GD232 General Physics (3)

GD233 General Chemistry (3)

GD260 Introduction to Computer Application (3)

GD361 Computer Science (3)

Total 45 units