Statement of Faith

  1. The Bible is the Holy Scripture which is the inspired Word of God, the only inerrant, perfect rule of faith and deed. 
  2. There are three Persons in the Godhead; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; One in trinity, equal in power and glory. 
  3. God created all things visible and invisible by the power of His Word. God created man in God's own image. Our first parents, being left with the freedom to choose between good and evil, chose to go against God, through temptation by Satan. The humanity, having the potential to commit a crime, besides the original sin and the corrupted human nature, has intentionally committed sin. 
  4. Satan is a personal and malevolent being acting as an adversary to God and His people, ultimately defeated and doomed with the Second Coming of Christ. 
  5. God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to the world to save humanity from sin to give eternal life in God's infinite love. The Son became true human and possessed two distinctive personhoods in his nature, eternally as true God and true human, in two distinct natures, and one person forever. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the womb of Virgin Mary yet without sin. For the purpose of reconciliation between God and humanity, Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, died and buried. On the third day, He rose again from the dead. From thence He shall come for the resurrection of the dead, and to judge the world. 
  6. The Holy Spirit works salvation in people, enlightened their hearts to know Christ, and empowers them to accept Jesus Christ. The means of the grace to the call of office by the Holy Spirit are the Bible, sacraments and prayer in particular. 
  7. All believers shall dutifully join in church membership with instruction, have fellowship with one another, observe the sacraments and other ordinances, obey all the laws of the Lord, pray always, observe the Lord’s Day holy, assemble with believers to worship triune God. Those who believe in Christ and are obedient to Him shall be truly forgiven and accepted eternal life in the kingdom of God.
  8. The dead shall receive the reward accordingly to the good and evil done in this world before the judgment seat of Christ when they will be resurrected in the last day. Those who believe in Christ and are obedient to Him shall be truly forgiven and accepted by Him in Glory. The wicked, unbelievers who reject Jesus’ offer of salvation will be cast into hell and perish forever.