Master of Social Welfare

The Master of Social Welfare program is designed to give students the opportunity to do research and learning within five foundational areas on both an introductory and advanced area.  The student will also participate in field work activities designed to acquaint them with firsthand knowledge of the unique social problems presented in the greater Los Angeles metro area.  The student should, through electives, develop competence in at least one of the five core areas.



Required:       30 units

Elective:          12 units

Internship:     18 units


TOTAL              60 units

Courses for First Year (30)

Required (15)

SW501 Christianity and Social Welfare (3)

SW502 The Spiritual Dimension of Social Work Practice (3)

SW503 Human Behavior and the Social Environment (3)

SW505 Social Welfare Policy (3)

BS501 Bible Reading Guidance of the Old Testament (3)

Internship (9)

SW514 Field Education(Internship) I (3)

SW515 Field Education(Internship) II (3)

SW514 Field Education(Internship) III (3)

Elective (6)

SW506 Health and Mental Health Policy (3)

BS503 Social Welfare and the Church (3)

Courses for Second Year (30)

Required (15)

SW508 Social Work Practice with Families, Groups and Complex Cases (3)

SW510 Advanced Theories and Clinical Interventions with Families (3)

SW511 Clinical Practice with Individuals (Children, Adolescents, and Adult) (3)

SW512 Family Care of the Mentally Ill (3)

BS502 Bible Reading Guidance of the New Testament (3)

Internship (9)

SW515 Field Education(Internship) IV (3)

SW514 Field Education(Internship) V (3)

SW515 Field Education(Internship) VI (3)

Elective (6)

SW513 Organizational Behavior and Management (3)

BS504 Issues in the Cross‐cultural Mission (3)